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Oct 6, 2012 3:00pm PDT
for the 69-acre pier 70 site located near the intersection of 20th and illinois streets. >> thank you. >> deputy director of planning and development i have it as cuing up the powerpoint. let me take this moment to just explain how we are going to present this information. we will give you a little bit of history on the pier 70 as well as going through the plan itself. focus in on the key developments that we are working on and introduce the team that is going to be working on pier 70 or is working on pier 7 and talk a little bit about next steps. so just to remind you where pier 70 is located just south of mission bay you can see from this graphic. just along the water just south of mission bay and just before the trail, now closed power plant. just a little bit of history on pier 70. we began the... when it is plan was aproveds if 1997 and the plan included pier 70 and within the pier 70 plan, the 69 acre theres was a 12-acre opportunity site that was included in that original plan. this shows earlier was a 1990s view and you can see in the mission bay area how little development th
Oct 6, 2012 3:30pm PDT
and the developers and so, yes, that coordination is going on. >> okay, we are clearly pier 70 is a very, very important development for the port and it is obviously a combination of things, open space, historic buildings and the forecity development and so we will be watching it and hearing the progress rment report and how we will go forward with a lot of interest. >> i want to say that this is a very exciting project and there will be a lot of work that has to go into it, but i want to make sure that we take the dae into consideration and make sure whatever they are doing there they are in line with because our ship repair is very important to us. but this is exciting, it is going to be a whole new community and i am looking forward to working with everyone. >> thank you. >> okay. >> item 9 c, request approval of a fightal mitigated negative declaration and aden um, and the jefferson street, phase one project, authorizing the department of public works to construct a street and sidewalks of a two-block section of jefferson street. between jones and hyde streets. the relocation of one jc dec
Oct 19, 2012 3:00am PDT
and execute annexation of pier one and san francisco special count tax district and san francisco sustainable financing and payment for the port commission of the pro rata share of special taxes, a sub tenant with the pier and llc. >> motion to approve. >> motion. >> second. >> is there any public comment? hearing none all in favor. >> aye. >> aye. >> resolutions 1275 and 1276 have passed. >> item 9a informational presentation on the port planning studies associated with approval of the pier 27 james r. herman cruise terminal and each wharf terminal project. >> good afternoon president woo ho, members of the commission. i am diane oshima with port and planning division and i wanted to give informational overview of planning studies that the port and p dc will commences towards the end of this year. i saw joe step in and i want to acknowledge him as well. the port and they have a long history of working together, and commissioner adams you weren't here before, but let me just give you a brief background. as part of the pier 27 james r. herman cruise terminal project. it went through the pro
Oct 3, 2012 10:00am PDT
on a, informational presentation on amb pier 1, llc pier 1 energy efficiency and solar array projects. >> good afternoon, jay edwards, senior property manager, i am here today to present an informational presentation on the pier one, energy efficientcy and solar upgrades. it is prologises through the allc it is the port sublandlord as well as a tenant in the project too. >> i am going to give you a project overview and then i would also like to ask for permission to introdchin of the francisco environment to be repaid through the special tax assessment against the specific parcel over a 20-year term. the port must opt into the special tax district, however the special taxes are secured by the tenant's leasehold interest. >> port in return would pay its prorated share of the special taxes which is approximately 35 percent, and that was derived by the amount of space that the port occupies as compared to the project over all. which are estimated to be approximately $100,000 annually. >> the sublease agreement, between the port and prologis provides for the reimbursement of the taxes lev
Oct 4, 2012 7:00am PDT
torium about moving to pier 70. again those negotiations were not successful for a lot of the same reasons. it found that the two isolated and as we know now they have indicated in the northern water front. but their partners... as well, with the concerns about the lack of plan for the over all pier 70 as one of the draw backs to moving forward with that development. >> so that to bring this to the briefly to the playing process for pier 70. and in 2001, or 2001 to 2009, the planning development who was developing the eastern neighbor's plans and which also included a central water front which pier 70 is a part of. to inform the plan and to address the concerns that the developers that we had tried to move forward with in early 2000, this raised which started the process of developing a big plan for pier 70. and so in 2007, we began that what was a three-year process in involving extensive community out reach and led to the plan that you see on your slide. the main priorities are the highlights or the top priorities of that plan related to the historic preservation which really fea
Oct 21, 2012 6:30am PDT
expertise to the pier 70 wide effort and they will be assisted by emily wisk who is also with the office of economic and workforce development. so in closing, i wanted to talk previously about some of the areas that will really benefit from coordination with city departments and in the ability that economic and workforce developments have to bring in and make it easier for work with other city departments. we are going to be one of the key issues related to the development of pier 70 obviously is the historic pier preserve vasing. we have been working on the draft of a nomination and an application and it is the pier 70 can eventually become added to the national register of historic places. and that is going to involve working closely with the planning department, historic preserve ation and the staff and the state historic office and others. but, honestly, oewd will play a key role in bringing in the city departments into those negotiations. >> public trusts, they are, pier 70 is a patch work of trust and non-trust lands that will need to be realigned to make for implem
Oct 21, 2012 7:00am PDT
quickly repair and reteb ant the pier 38 bulkhead and two, respondent to this rsp process may submit to a master tenant to accomplish the repair of the building with no obligation to address a long-term redevelopment scheme for pier 38. under this master developer approach, this would allow an entity to propose a plan that would not trigger seismic upgrade and these leases are typically ten years in duration. alternatively, a respondent to the rfp may submit to a master developer which will allow a development entity to repair and tenant the bulkhead first and then demonstrate their qualification to undertake the long term development of pier 38 if deemed feasible. under this amoefp, the respondent will have to influence the repair of the bulkhead building first and then demonstrate their qualifications to develop all of pier 38. if deemed feasible. the commission would consider long term pier redevelopment proposal at a later time and these are typically 50 years in duration. and then with regards to the physical appearance of the pier shed. the master tenant would have to be
Oct 24, 2012 3:00am PDT
. >> item 9c requests approval of term sheets pier 70 historic buildings opportunity with o den incorporated. >> good afternoon commissioners. kathleen from the planning and development group. i am here today to ask for your approval of the transaction terms for the orden project at pier 70. in today's presentation i am starting from the assumption we know where pier 70 is and focusing on this project and realize this is one of many presentations we have given to the board and i am focusing on the business terms and where we are now. i am excited to report we have reached a conceptual agreement with them. what it is a five, six pages of business terms that we agreed to that will cast the formation of what will end up being a substantial document in front of you we hope early next year. the process now is if you approve this today we then take it to the board of supervisors and then we dive into the next level of project review. this term sheet endorsement and board of supervisors endorsement is really important because we don't want to dive into all of that until we make sure that the
Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm PDT
of pier 70. pier 70 is a pretty old, dilapidated facility. it was not obviously built for this function. the port of san francisco has notified us two years ago that they are pursuing development on that facility. at some point we would need to vacate the facility. while, you know, as of today that's not imminent, because of the time it takes for us to transition a big operation like this, we need to plan. we can't wait until the development is imminent and then kind of scramble to take our way out of the due diligence we have to do to either purchase or lease space and the city processes we have to go through and all the steps. it takes time. so once we were informed by the port of this need to move, we started the process of evaluating alternative sites. that both i think are reports and subsequent info but the budget analyst's report speaks a little of that process. some of the sites and challenges in finding space this big in san francisco that was available and suitable and reasonably priced. and really what we found is there are very few, if any options out there that can serve th
Oct 3, 2012 9:00am PDT
is that the center of a lot of the activities moves over to pier 2729 f, for me it is a easier area to serve by transit. one of the legacies that we have seen in august is the historic street car that was running from cal train north along the water front all wait to the warf. there were 8700 people that as i understand the feedback, rode that service, that could be a permanent part of san francisco's legacy if we work and if this works out well for moving people from ball games, let's say to the ferry building, to the warf. they will be riding that service again in october and look at running it again in 2013. other programs that we hope to use cliper card even more. comprehensively, having all of the transit providers accessible by one simple card and so that a tourist does not have to dig in his pocket and get in those cars and large numbers out before they get to san francisco. those are the campaigns through next summer. the jefferson public realm we are tracking that to make sure that it is under construction and that it isn't in the way of all of the pedestrian ans that are coming. bu
Oct 24, 2012 10:00pm PDT
and happy items to report on, starting with milestone update on our pier 43-1/2 project. you may recall that that is part of the bay trail and lays atop the seawall in fisherman's wharf between where blue and gold sweet calls and the san friscan restaurant. constructing a new waterfront concrete promenade from powell street to the franciscan restaurant. our contractor there is vortex marine. they have been working rather diligently including saturdays most of the last month and will continue to work saturdays through thanksgiving with the goal of completing the project to substantial completion by thanksgiving. so far, 92 two-foot wide diameter concrete piles each of which are 100 feet in length, support the new wharf deck and that deck will go along the promenade there and come around behind the franciscan restaurant replacing old deck that has been condemned sometime ago. in addition and very importantly, over 500 feet of the timber seawall has been replaced with reinforced concrete wall and rock armor stone. this is a very important project for that area of the waterfront. on octobe
Oct 17, 2012 9:30am PDT
of pier 70. what we're doing is rehabilitating the six buildings, the office buildings, the two on the northern side will be used as office and doing different things that the steel company did but used in the same manner and this power house building to commercial use and the south side of 20th street extension of the economy in the area right now and light industrial, arts and recreation and the things that are making that a cool hot new area and we can accommodate that growth. we think this will be jobs for 400 to 500 people. one of the things to recognize this project is important to the port for quite a while. a decade ago we were in contract with other entities to do this and tried to make this project happen. we carry $109 million in the capital plan to do these buildings. we have a project before you today where the orden development group would take the lead and invest their funds and realize this. one of the reasons -- the high level reasons we think this can succeed at this point. one is we brought the capital costs down for a number of reasons and one is the sp
Oct 29, 2012 9:00pm PDT
to piers morgan tonight. >>> breaking news tonight, 11 people are dead, as super storm sandy pounds the coast from south carolina to maine. 2.8 million without power, the water rising from atlantic city, lower manhattan . a crane on a luxury skyscraper has been dangling over the top of a building. streets have been closed off. nearby buildings evacuated. erin burnett is here in new york with record-breaking levels. the water has now begun to recede, albeit temporarily. chad myers is tracking the dangerous storm from the cnn severe weather center. let's start at battery park in lower manhattan which recorded nearly 14-foot tide tonight. smashing a record from hurricane donna. er erin, it's been a long, difficult night for you. but good news, it seems the water has dramatically receded from when i last talked to you. >> yes, it has. last time you spoke to me, piers, if i stepped all the way back to where i am now, it would have been above my knee. it's gone down about six or eight feet from that. the tide dropped. and as the bands of weather have passed through. the other big story he
Oct 16, 2012 2:00pm PDT
. this process was initiated because the current 13 acres site where the mta's operation exist at pier 70 is planned for development work, but also to another extent because of the space at pier 70 is not increasingly a space that is ideal for the operational needs of the mta. i think there were a lot of really great questions that were raised by the committee members, but also i think supervisor campos was at one of the meetings with us and raised a lot of very legitimate questions. some of the concerns that were raised i just want too flag for folks, had to do with the mta's long-term space and planning needs. the mta's operations are very extensive. the mta was able to come back and share with the committee its final real estate and facility analysis. they were currently finishing up a draft and were able to share that information with us and plans to present a fuller conversation around that facility planning need and the results of analysis and consolidation recommendations in the future. so that is something that is coming before us. i do think that the mta shared with us what thei
Oct 4, 2012 7:00pm PDT
the boats that will be docked on pier 30-32 and along pier 80. we also have over the past few years done, i think, the remarkable job of practicing what we preach because the humanitarian role of our military is one of the most important roles that they can play and all over the world. and for us in san francisco to experience it right down to the very neighborhoods that we have who want to learn what it is our relationship -- how do we work together when a huge disaster might befall us, that is why i'm excited for some of these new aspects to keep rolling out every year. we've done all the other things that major cities have done. we have invested in technology. we've got great websites that ann cronenberg that the vest have embraced with our he can knowledge jai partners. we have the learn sf that i'm personally on. i receive those messages religiously of anything that might happen. of course, with critical mass this week, i was on that cell phone all the time to see whether or not anything in the city was out of character that we really had to make sure we covered. but all the other even
Oct 6, 2012 2:00pm PDT
. the focus is humanitarian relief and it will be at peer, 3032, and so behalf of pier or less than half will go to support fleet week and the other portion will be for the team basis for the america's cup rigatta. and this year at pier 3032, we will welcome the uss macon island. she has been here a couple of times before, but she is bound to be a very popular ship. on saturday morning we will have the ships under the golden gate bridge, we are expecting 3 vessels and 2,000 officers to visit san francisco. there will be three navy ships, the u.s. s. macon island and the sterit and bravel. >> we will have a cutter, which is a high enduhave three ships her majesty. and we will have a few that will come in advance of fleet week and they will be first at pier 80 and they will be coming in this coming sunday and beginning on monday. they will be opened to the public down at pier 80 which they will be sharing with the oracle racing team. so another reason to visit. there will be ship trailers, monday, tuesday and wednesday and thursday and unfortunately the korea navy has another obligation an
Oct 11, 2012 12:30am PDT
of the pier 70 wide strategy. in the strategy we believe we can provide that in lots and on the street but in the longer term it's part of the plan. they will work with the shipyard systems because there is still electrical power through there and we need to come up with the best way to align that and keep the lights going and have something new happen and the orden group will collaborate with them and working with the shipyard and the port and all those efforts. our next steps go to the board for the endorsement and the finding that's it's fiscally feasible and a good business deal for the city to move forward with and launch into the next levels of review. we will refine the project and that coordination and further project review. we hope we're here in january for the lease approval and we hope to get the construction going not long after and that's the overview. i am competing with playoff games and other things so i went quick and i am open to questions and i wanted to thank and congratulate the orden team for their contribution. i think they said this is a difficult but typic
Oct 30, 2012 9:00pm PDT
. new jersey certainly hit the hardest by sandy. here's "piers morgan tonight." >>> good evening. you're looking live at the extraordinary sight. some three feet of heavy snow in west virginia. a blizzard in october. the result of superstorm sandy, which continues to cause chaos along the east coast. and here's hoboken, new jersey, still flooded by sandy in new york city. a city divided tonight between light and dark. no one can answer the big question, when will all the new york lights come back on? take a look at this. new video of what superstorm sandy did to southberry station at the tip of lower manhattan. it shows you just how extensive the damage is and why the entire subway system remains closed tonight, more than 24 hours after sandy blast add shore. we'll have the latest on the state of the subway and when it may be up and running again in a few moments. plus this dramatic video. up to ten feet of water. part of the basement of nyu langer medical center. nurses actually carried sick newborn babies down nine flights of stairs while manually pumping air into their lungs. quite
Oct 29, 2012 6:30pm EDT
have been talking all afternoon about pier and now the pier is in the bay and it has broken off into the ocean as well. that's confirmed by the twitter feed. the pier fishing pier at ocean city snapped in half. a live report from the other side. [ mitt romney ] we have toto work on a collaborative basis. look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. i'm mitt romney, my name is julian bond. i know a little something about fighting for what's right and just. maryland's gay and lesbian families share the same values and they should share in the right to marry. i believe people of faith understand this isn't about any one religious belief. it's about protecti
Oct 11, 2012 12:00am PDT
. this is "piers morgan tonight." >>> good evening, 27 days to go until the election, look where we stand tonight, on the latest cnn polls, 47% for mitt romney, 47% for president obama. anything could happen in this race, shows you how high the stakes are going into the vice presidential debate. preparations are under way in danville, kentucky, and joe biden is getting ready for preparations. and paul ryan arrived, and mitt romney on the campaign trail in the battleground state of ohio. >> we have not had the strong leadership we needed in washington to take on our challenge, time and again, the president has told us he'd take on some of these things but has not. and then he turns around and tries to blame others, congress won't get together, congress won't get together unless there is a strong leadership that puts them togetr. he has not, i will. >> listen to what he told diane sawyer on abc. >> if you have a bad game, you just move on, move on the next one. and it makes you that much more determined. the difference between this and sports is, the stakes are so high. >> joining me now, to previe
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,075 (some duplicates have been removed)